Langley Primary School

Langley Before and After School Club

Mission Statement

At First Choice, we create a safe, enjoyable and exciting community in which every person is valued and encouraged to explore their potential. Underpinning these are our values of trust, respect, accountability, integrity, openness and pro-activity.

‘We aim to be a service that our community can be proud of.’

Admissions and Fees

First Choice Langley is committed to providing a fair and open admissions system that offers a competitively priced and good value service. We both encourage and actively support eligible parents/carers claiming and taking up the childcare element of their Working Tax Credit and we accept Childcare vouchers.


Order of Priority

1. At the beginning of each re-booking period (this takes place June/July) priority will be given to all children who are currently registered.

2. Children attending First Choice Langley

3. Sibling of children already under contract

4. New starters in order of application.

When a parent/carer contacts First Choice Langley inquiring about a place for their child all relevant information they require is provided and they are informed of whether there is currently a suitable place available. If a place is available the parent /carer will be asked to complete a registration form and sign the terms and conditions of the contract, these must be completed in full before the child can start. This information is confidential and will be stored appropriately.

Should a place not be available the child will be placed on the waiting list.

Re-enrolment for September is required at the end of the summer term. We cannot keep a place for your child unless you complete a new registration form.

Waiting List

To ensure that admissions are offered on a fair and transparent basis, the following procedure will be in operation.

If on making an application parents/carers are informed there is not a suitable place available, the waiting list procedure will be explained.

The parent must submit their request in writing or email. The details of the request will be added to the list in the order of being submitted.

The waiting list will be kept and used on a ‘first come first serve’ basis. First Choice will advise the parent/ carer of how long they are likely to have to wait until a suitable place will become available. This will only be an estimate and will not constitute a binding guarantee with First Choice. When a vacancy at First Choice becomes available parents/carers whose child is suitable for the place and is highest on the list will be contacted. If the parent/carer wished to take up the place, they will be asked to complete the registration form. If the place is no longer wishes to take up the place, the parent/carer of the next suitable child will be contacted.


First Choice Langley understands that the cost of childcare may seem expensive to a parent/carer. However, we are committed to providing a high quality, safe and stimulating environment and the cost of providing this service does not come without considerable expense. To ensure the continued high standards and sustainability of First Choice it must ask parents/carers to respect its policy in respect of fees.

The level of fees are reviewed annually in light of First Choice Langley’s financial position, its future strategic plans and any broader economic or social considerations deemed relevant. Parents are notified of any increase one month in advance. Invoices are issued on the 15th/16th of each month to be paid on the 25th/26th of the month for the month ahead. Please ensure that if you are paying by voucher they are aware of the due date.

Fees not paid on the due date stated on the invoice will automatically incur a £10.00 surcharge.

If fees are paid persistently late with no explanation First Choice will be forced to terminate the child’s place. Under exceptional circumstances, First Choice may agree to allow the child to continue attending for the remainder of the week.

If fees remain unpaid or the amount outstanding is significant Solihull Council will recover the debt. First Choice has the right to inform parents that the non-payment of fees has resulted in the cancellation of their child’s place. Parents/carers are encouraged to speak to the Manager if they have a query regarding the fees policy or if for any reason they are likely to have difficulty in making payments on time.

We strongly advise parents/carers to arrange a meeting at the earliest opportunity to avoid the risk of forfeiting their child’s place.

Booked sessions are non-refundable. This applies if you do not require any of the sessions you have pre-booked, for example when the child does not attend due to illness, is attending a club before attending First Choice, is absent due to a school trip or if we are asked to close by SMBC.

Four weeks written and paid notice is to be given to end the contract with First Choice.

‘One off’ ad-hoc sessions are available only if there is a vacancy. Care in addition to contracted hours will be charged at the ad-hoc rate per hour. Additional sessions require a written request (emails are accepted). A request by telephone will only be accepted in an emergency.

If you pay for your childcare through a recognised scheme, once the payment has been received due to tax implications we would not able to refund any money should your child leave First Choice.

Morning Sessions: –

7.30 am to School Start= £6.40
8.00 am to School Start= £5.50

Afternoon Sessions: –

After School to 4.30 pm= £7.20
After school to 5.30 pm = £10.90
After school to 6.00 pm= £12.60

Any ad hoc sessions will be at the session rate plus an extra £1.00. (If numbers allow)

Late pickup charges: – Any charges incurred will be automatically added to your invoice.
These are as follows:

4.30 pm to 5.30 pm = £5 per 15 minutes

5.30 pm to 6.00 pm = £5 per 15 minutes

Due to staffing ratios 6.00 pm to 6.30 pm = £10.00 per 15 minutes




Please remember that we need to know if your child will not be attending First Choice for any reason. Even if you have informed the school or teacher you still need to notify First choice staff directly. In cases of illness or emergency please call First choice as soon as you can.

All fees must be paid in full for absences.

Behaviour/Anti Bullying


Children and staff have created rules for acceptable behaviour whilst at club.

Every member of club is encouraged to have respect for one another. We use the same rules that the children know and use in school. The school/club behaviour police and anti-bullying policy will be enforced in club. Parents will be contacted if their child’s behaviour is causing unnecessary distress to another child or to a member of staff.


We will not tolerate from any person whether parent, carer or visitor bullying, aggressive, confrontational or threatening behaviour or behaviour intended to result in conflict. First Choice is a place of safety and security for the children who attend and the staff who work here and we reserve the right to ban anyone exhibiting inappropriate behaviour from the premises.


Before School Club –

The children will be kept in consistent groups:-

  • Reception and Year 1
  • Year 2 and 3
  • Years 4, 5 and 6

Please be aware we no longer have the facilities to give children breakfast. We would ask that children come in having had breakfast at home.

  • Reception through to Year 3 will now be in the First Choice building.
  • Years 4-6: Please take your child to the Hive, where quiet activities and games will be available for them. The children will be escorted to their classroom at the allotted time.

After School Club –

Monday to Friday the Infant children are picked up from their classrooms and taken to the First Choice building. Year 3 children will make their own way to the Junior Hall and will be met by a team member and taken to First Choice. There will be a range of activities and games set up. They are offered a snack of fresh fruit or crackers and cheese. Water and squash are available throughout the session. The children will be taken to play in specific areas outdoors every day, weather permitting. Parents should pick up their children from First Choice.

Monday to Friday Years 4, 5 and 6 Juniors will be collected from their classrooms and taken to the Hive. There are activities and games set up. There is a cosy area for reading, a pool table and a football table. They also have access to the outdoor space. The children are offered a healthy snack. The children will be taken to play in specific areas outdoors every day, weather permitting. Parents should pick up their children from the Hive building.


Planned activities are on offer every day that include: –

  • Craft activities
  • Indoor & Outdoor play
  • Role Play
  • Sports and active play
  • Science experiments
  • Construction
  • Games and Books
  • Drawing and Painting

Children are encouraged to participate in these planned activities but also have the option to choose from a variety of other resources, games and activities.

The children are encouraged to be involved in planning what they would like to do in the coming weeks and we endeavour to meet their requests wherever possible.

We have access to all the school grounds and during the summer term, we make the most of the outdoor space and utilise the school field for a range of activities (weather depending).

When planning we also reflect on what the children are learning about at school and where possible plan activities based on the same topics or themes.

We understand this is a time when the children have had a long day at school and want to have fun with their friends and relax. Although there are no expectations for children to do their homework during club hours we provide a quiet space and resources for them to do so, should they wish to.



Gill Radburn – Manager NNEB Level 5 Management and Leadership

Emily Hebbron – Deputy BA Hons Early Years

Jane Smith – Playworker

Helen Morgan – Playworker

Jennifer Chaplin – Play Worker

Adele Stone – Play Worker Level 3 Child Care NVQ 3