Langley Primary School


Autumn Term

Friday 18th November - School Council’s interview with Jess Phillips (MP) 


Today, our school councillors competently and respectfully led the whole school assembly, to end our Parliament Week. This was their opportunity to pose questions to a serving Member of Parliament on behalf of the classes they represent. We asked School Councillors for their comments on what they have learned, how they have grown and their views of the experience. 


Year 2: I enjoyed it and felt excited. I’ve always wanted to hold a microphone. I would like to be an MP or a doctor – how can I do both?  


I felt proud to speak in front of the whole school. 


Year 3: I’ve learned that, in the future, we should get electric cars because we don’t want the gas from petrol cars going into the air and then you breathe it in. It felt great to meet a member of Parliament who wants to make the world a better place because that’s what I want to do as a School Councillor. 


I enjoyed asking her questions and it actually gave me confidence so I might be an MP. It made me laugh when we asked her, ‘Who tells you what to do?’ She said, ‘Nobody is the boss of me. I am the boss of myself.’ 


Year 4: It was nerve-wracking but if you make a mistake, it’s ok. I feel more confident now I have done it once and I would do it again. 


She told us that there are 160 children in her constituency living in poverty. She seems kind because when people come to her with things they want to change, she’ll try to sort it out for them and with them and campaign for them. 


Year 5: I was really nervous at first, but by the end of it I thought it could be an everyday life activity. Being a child, I thought that being an MP would be great but I have learned that it’s just an everyday job to them.  


I felt really nervous at the start but by the end I was so used to it that I was just a bit nervous. She was nice, it’s just that, in front of people with big jobs and responsibilities, you don’t want to mess up.  


Year 6: I learned a lot about the government and what they do. She made us laugh. She told us she was naughty in secondary school. 


You get to have your voice out and people get to hear you. People know who you are in your role. She told us about her son. She took him to meet the Education Secretary to tell him that children going to school for only four and a half days a week isn’t good enough. Her son said, ‘Less is more!’ which she wasn’t very happy about. 


Wednesday 23rd November - Consultation on School Values