Langley Primary School

Ethos & Values

Happiness, Growth and Excellence for All


At Langley Primary School our vision has children’s and staff’s happiness and fulfilment at its heart.

In our school we provide a caring and inclusive environment which aims to provide children with the foundations for a satisfying and productive life. Our school is a place of calm, safety and learning and we value our approachable and welcoming ethos. We work in partnership with our community to ensure children feel happy, safe and valued.

We uphold our core values of Kindness, Respect and Ambition and apply them to guide our endeavours. We teach and exemplify these values and encourage children to follow their message and direction. In our school everyone cares for each other in an ethos of respect to maximise the fulfilment and development of all.


We believe in the right of everyone to grow and develop without limits and barriers.

We work as partners in our community, growing a trusting and positive relationship with families and services to create the most favourable environment for our children’s growth. We want all of our children to thrive and grow so we prioritise support to tackle barriers to growth and to equip children with the resilience and character to face and overcome difficulties themselves. We make every effort to ensure our children get the opportunities they deserve and, by investing in people, we work together towards our community’s goals.


We want all our children to achieve highly across the full breadth of learning and development.

We set high expectations of children’s progress and accomplishment. We adopt a positive attitude, and challenge ourselves constantly to find a way to overcome barriers to learning. We believe in possibilities and the capacity of everyone to flourish and succeed.

Langley inspires, supports and encourages everyone to give their best to develop, grow and achieve in a supportive family environment.