Langley Primary School


We have constructed a curriculum that is unique to our school.  Whilst it is based on the National Curriculum, we have tailored it to suit the needs of our pupils and community.  It is subject-centred and emphasis is placed on acquisition, memorisation and knowledge of each specific content area.

We believe that a knowledge-rich and values focused curriculum is central to our pupils' future successes.  Once our pupils have acquired the knowledge from our carefully sequenced curriculum, they will be ready to lead a successful life and contribute positively to society.

Our curriculum is driven by a love of reading, so that pupils become vocabulary rich.  The design of our curriculum will increase knowledge, embed skills and therefore deepen understanding.

We have designed our curriculum to encourage and celebrate differences.  We want our pupils to value and respect others.  Our curriculum focuses on and draws upon inspirational people who represent global citizens with a range of disabilities, ethnicities, gender and LGBTQ+ communities.  These inspirational people have overcome adversities and can provide concrete, real-life example for our pupils to be inspired by and aspire to be like.

Our sequential curriculum begins in EYFS through to Year 6, so that our pupils can successfully access a broad and balanced curriculum throughout their education at Langley Primary.  This is underpinned by structured phonics, writing and mathematics lessons in EYFS to ensure core procedural knowledge is secured and that transitions are successful.


Our curriculum is led by the following principles:

Quality teaching every day: We prioritise teachers' CPD and support the development of subject knowledge and pedagogy through instructional coaching, peer to peer support and recommended support packages.

Reading at the heart: We are passionate about reading.  We use Little Wandle as our preferred Phonics Programme.  We read every day, through guided practice and whole class reading.  Each day finishes with story time.  Every class has a regularly updated reading corner and visit our school library every week.

Strong curriculum design: We provide a culturally rich and vibrant programme of learning.  Each subject is taught discretely and contains carefully selected knowledge, skills and vocabulary.  We build on prior learning and ongoing assessment.  We adapt our teaching so all pupils can achieve.

Enrichment: We supplement our core curriculum with workshops, visits and experiences.  All pupils learn to play the guitar for a whole year.  We run an extended swimming programme to make the most of our on-site pool.  We have a trained and accredited Forest School leader who runs weekly sessions for our pupils.  We have an active school council and pupils are supported to hold responsibilities, such as play leaders for younger pupils.

Values-driven: Our values are threaded throughout our curriculum; taught explicitly and referred to continuously.  Through their promotion, pupils are taught to have strong character, good morals and to have the confidence and belief that they can and will be successful.


Effective assessment provides vital information to improve teaching and learning outcomes.  Our rigorous progress and target setting model supports this.

We provide pupils with regular and meaningful feedback on their learning so they understand what they have done well and what they need to do to improve.